Hi there!Andrew (1)

Andrew Wagner here! Communications and marketing extraordinaire, at your service.  I  specialize in digital strategy and content development, currently for a lovely firm in Phoenix.

I live in a little pink house that I share with my amazing wife and our 14 week old puppy, whom we affectionately call “Chompers.”  If you have ever tried to raise a puppy, you will know that they are a challenge – and if you know me, you’ll know that I’m always up for a challenge.

A case in point: for years, I had worked as a salesperson, but I really loved DJing at parties – so what did I do?  I embraced the challenge, and after a considerable amount of practice, learning, and elbow grease I soon found myself as owner and operator of a top-rated wedding DJ company.  The effort paid off – so much, in fact, that I was able to support my household and pay for my grad degree in communications and marketing.  (That was another challenge: studying nights and weekends while working two jobs concurrently – but, I don’t want to overemphasize the point.)

Soon after I decided to return to school, I left my sales job and was hired as Marketing Coordinator for Sonoran Schools, which manages 8 charter schools in Arizona.  After I graduated with my MA, they promoted me to Marketing Manager, where I enjoyed running end-to-end marketing campaigns, managing their social media pages, maintaining the website, driving attendance at enrollment meetings, and generally managing all customer-facing channels for the organization – all the things I had been doing for the previous year as Coordinator, but with more scope and responsibility.

Although I loved the job and its mission, the budget cuts facing the public school system made my position’s future unsure, and so I jumped ship.  I left on good terms, and even to this day I work as a freelancer managing their Facebook pages.

My new, full time position is for Reachlocal as an inside Sales Support Specialist.  Sales reps scout out prospective clients, and then I provide advice on digital strategy for our them to use in pitching Reach’s suite of digital products.  The work is interesting, and I am active socially within the company, most recently as the VP of membership within the fledgeling “Newsworthy” Toastmasters group.

But, I’m always looking for an opportunity for more growth, and a new challenge.  I specialize in:

  • Digital strategy (including budget analysis, social media content strategy, analysis of key performance indicators, and channel orchestration)
  • Creation of content that is timely, relevant and valuable to stakeholders and prospective customers
  • Growth hacking through paid and organic strategies
  • Crisis response management
  • Writing targeted, compelling copy
  • Building, running, and optimizing programmatic campaigns

I would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact me via Linkedin, or by email at andrewscottwagner@gmail.com.