Strategic Writing

Sample Budget Proposal

Good data is the backbone of good marketing.  In this document prepared for Sonoran Schools, I laid out our approach for recruiting more students.  It was the organization’s first in-house social media PPC campaign.  To protect company financial information, I’ve replaced all proprietary data with “XX.”

Sample Budget Proposal


Follow-Up Budget Proposal

After the previous budget proposal was approved and implemented, this document served to evaluate its performance, and make improvements.  When presenting it to the executive team, I was advised to leave out marketing jargon so that it would be readily accessible to people who don’t have my particular experience with marketing.  To do so, I used an “A-F” grading system (ideal for a school, isn’t it?) to rate our marketing efficacy and make recommendations based on their performance.

Digital Marketing Proposal Follow Up



December, 2016

An integrated cross-channel marketing campaign for the Bose Quietcomfort 35 headphones.  Highlights include a data-based approach to ensure relevance, a Snapchat-based promotional strategy to build awareness among the target audience, a concert setting to create a memorable brand experience, and an innovative app to drive engagement after it is over.

FeelTheMusic Report

FeelTheMusic Presentationbose

Let The Dress Choose You

December 2016

Designed for a local wedding boutique, this campaign integrates an in-store experience with a novel “game-show” experience to drive engagement on social and compliment the targeted Facebook marketing/remarketing.

Let The Dress Choose You Campaign Report

Let the Dress Choose You Presentation