Customer-Facing & Design Work

Print Ad for SSA Davis-Monthan

I was responsible for this ad at every step, from staging and photographing the subjects, to designing the ad, testing the copy, and finally submitting this half-page ad to the on-base My Base Guide print publication.

Press Release – Team CRUSH at Regionals

In my time working for Sonoran Schools, I’ve been privileged to meet some exceptionally talented students.  The student-engineers at FRC (FIRST Robotics Competiton) Team CRUSH 1011 are an excellent example of that.  In this press release, I highlight their extraordinary achievement, while tying those achievements to their school.

CRUSH Denver win Press Release


Videos for Engagement

The best way to build awareness of a school is to hear from the students themselves.  With this in mind, I created a series of interview videos with teachers, parents, and students to give a sense of the school culture.

In this interview, I attempt to build an emotional connection by highlighting Omar’s touching story, while conveying the school’s values: diversity, individualized instruction, and personal growth. Keeping the production value low not only kept costs contained, but it gave this interview a sense of authenticity (vitally important for the Youtube generation).  The video views and engagement for this post set a new record for the school’s Facebook page.

The Big Veggie Event

When one of our local community partners asked us for help in promoting their local-produce distribution drive to be held in SSA Tucson’s parking lot, I definitely delivered.  By following simple best-practices (like a simple and direct title and photo, and cross-promoting the event offline, strategic sharing, etc.) I encouraged this humble event to go viral.  It reached 273K people, which was more than 900 times better than any other post the school had ever created.  The day before the event, I coordinated with the management and groundskeeping staff to ensure that the thousands of visitors would see the campus at its peak.


Two for One

Our schools are focused on science and technology, so the annual student science fair is a great place to get quality content that tells the school story.  My objective here was to promote the image of the school as a place for happy, science-focused students while also cross-promoting the Instagram page.  As with all posts, the key is to provide value to the audience to incentivize their engagement.

A Graduation Surprise

SSA Davis-Monthan is located on a military base, and largely serves the children of servicemen-and-women stationed there.  This post used organic targeting to serve the video to that demographic. It resulted in significant boost to brand awareness when more than a hundred people clicked through to the school’s Facebook Page, and then on to the website.

 Give Your Audience What They Want

When I’m not reporting on school successes, I’m rocking dancefloors as a wedding DJ.  To promote the business, I created a series of post-wedding interviews with the bride and groom.  Since Millennials now make up the bulk of my wedding business, I felt it was important to deliver what that demographic likes – authenticity.  I intentionally used a cameraphone and an off-the-cuff interview style to capture the “realness” of the event.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Parents love to see what their children are doing in school.  Here, I wanted to showcase students getting excited while experiencing something new.  Since I took more pictures that hadn’t been included in the collage, I posted them to the school’s Instagram page, and used this post to spread awareness.

 A Fun Way to Showcase Strengths

At SSA Davis-Monthan, the faculty does a remarkable job of integrating school subjects.  Teachers routinely work together to show how science relates to math, which relates to journalism, and so on.  In this post, we subtly highlight this quality while showcasing the latest teacher collaboration.