Podcasts Every Marketer Should Be Following

So I struggle to post blogs every weekend, but the last two weeks has been unbelievably busy for me.  I’ve been working overdrive to get my new company marketing projects in order after I was awarded a monstrous increase in adspend (yay for me!)  I’ve also been meeting with clients in my capacity as a DJ as we prepare for my final wedding season with Muse Entertainment.

It’s good to be busy, but with all these meetings all over town, I find myself spending more time in my car (or in the gym, recovering from all of the time in a seat!)  In either situation, I find it is often rewarding to enjoy a good podcast.

The Podcasts

Today, I wanted to share some of the podcasts in my playlist.  Listen to these when you have some downtime, and help keep yourself up to date on the latest in the biz.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloudcast

This is one of the most information-dense marketing podcasts I’ve found.  One of my favorite episodes featured a psychologist who went into detail on the effectiveness of identity marketing.  For instance, she described how a “vote here” button on a website is less effective than a “become a voter” button.  This sent me on an identity marketing kick that I still haven’t quite come down from.

The Heart of Marketing

I deeply appreciate the ethical nature of this podcast.  Hosts John Gregory Olson and Jayme Soulati emphasize the importance of being a straight shooter and winning the hearts of customers.  They cover a wide range of topics of interest to communications professionals, from the importance of a crisis communication plan to how to ensure a good website UX.

Proposify Biz Chat (Previously Agencies Drinking Beer)

This is another high-level marketing podcast.  As someone who ran their own business for many years, I appreciate the problems confronting agency executives.  I also enjoy the big-picture perspective from people who are running agencies.  I aspire to an executive position in a creative shop, so this is particularly interesting to me.


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