An Integrated Pandora Spot

Since I spent ten years as a DJ, you might have guessed that music is a particular passion of mine.  I’m less passionate, though, about the commercials on the radio interrupting my daily commute.  In fact, interruptive ads of any kind drive me crazy. This includes TV commercials, pop-ups, and any ad that distracts me from what I was doing.

I’m not the only one who hates this kind of advertising.  How, then, should marketers try to influence people like me?  With integrated marketing, of course:  adapting the ad creative to fit its environment.

Here’s an example.  In this script, designed to be played in the midst of an episode of The Flash, we are able to integrate the ad’s message with the show by featuring one of the characters.  This script features Dr. Cait Snow, a supporting character from The Flash, while she’s out for a drive.

Integrated Ad Example Script for Pandora

[CAIT is driving a sports-car on a scenic mountain road.  She turns on the radio.  USED CAR SALESMAN appears in her passenger seat.]

USED CAR SALESMAN:  Don’t you just hate it when…

[CAIT frowns, and changes the station.  USED CAR SALESMAN disappears and NEWSCASTER appears in his place.]

NEWSCASTER:  It seems like sometimes you turn on the radio these days…

[CAIT switches the channel.  NEWSCASTER disappears, and ANGRY TALK SHOW HOST appears]

ANGRY TALK SHOW HOST:  [Yelling] …and some of these IDIOTS they just talk and talk and there’s nothing but …

[CAIT switches the channel.  ANGRY TALK SHOW HOST disappears and SNOWFLAKE disappears.  He is dressed in a snowflake costume.  Static is heard from the radio.]

SNOWFLAKE:  [Sound cutting in and out]:  …You can barely hear …

[CAIT switches the channel.  SNOWFLAKE disappears, and DJ appears in the passenger seat, with VOCALISTS in the back seat.]

VOCALISTS:  [Singing:]  The music –

DJ:  All right, that was a great song!  And we’ll be right back with more after these –

[CAIT changes the radio from FM to Pandora.  DJ disappears.  VOCALISTS resume singing.  CAIT looks satisfied.  Camera zooms out to show CAIT enjoying her scenic mountain-ride while the music swells.]






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