What’s with this picture of me in front of a waterfall?


Thanks for visiting my website!  Here, you’ll find my portfolio of notable marketing accomplishments, a résumé, and my job-seeking blog.  And, of course, this snazzy photo of me in my tuxedo standing in front of a waterfall.

I don’t always wear my tux when I visit waterfalls. But, for the last decade, I’ve been running a wedding DJ company, and this was my best headshot.  I wanted to include a headshot in this post for two reasons.

First, research shows that having an avatar will dramatically increase conversion.

Second, I wanted this opportunity to show YOU that I know the importance of making marketing decisions based on data.  Why?  Because if you’re reading this page you’re probably a hiring official, and I am looking for a job.

You see, in addition to data-based decision-making, I like to use narrowcasting to reach my audiences with personalized content.

After you’re done enjoying the photo, please take some time and check out the portfolio documents page.   They will give you a taste of what I’ve been working on in my graduate degree, and in the last two years where I’ve been working as Marketing Coordinator for Sonoran Schools.

I’ll also be regularly updating this blog.  But, if you can’t wait until next week to hear from me, or if you just want to share how much you loathe this (admittedly) irreverent blog, feel free to contact me.

I can always be reached at AndrewScottWagner@Gmail.com, or by phone at 520.471.3605.


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